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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 1 ~ somethings missing

Do you ever wish magical creatures existed just so you would have "something" to blame when unusual things happen that make you feel like your loosing your mind?

I spent an hour looking for my keys this morning.... It doesn't make a bit of since, I ALWAYS put my keys in the dish, on the end table by the front door. Always. Yet when I went to leave the house for work (which I was already running late because for whatever reason my alarm didn't go off), my keys were NOT there.

I finally found my keys under the couch in my living room. How in the world could that have happened.
The only, somewhat reasonable, explanation I can think of is that my cat picked up my keys out of the dish with her mouth, dropped them on the floor and batted them under the couch.
Even that sounds ridiculous, she is a very lazy cat. Although who knows what she does while I am asleep.

My alarm not going off doesn't make since either. I know it was on when I went to sleep, but not when I woke up 20 minutes late. I was totally dragging this morning despite going to bed early. NOTHING makes since. Maybe my cat also stepped on the buttons on my alarm clock and turned it off...

If fairies existed, I could simply blame it all on them instead of having to think up outlandish explanations, (involving my cat) in order to convince myself I'm not loosing my mind...


*This is a Fictional post for a character/story I had an idea for, stay tuned to learn more about her.


Kristen said...

Hi there!
I'm a new follower from the Stalk Hop Friday. I'm following you via GFC, Networked Blogs, Facebook & Twitter.

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Kay M said...

I love it! I often blame things on my cat...and my kids. Unfortunately, the alarm can be blamed on neither at my house...cats are outside, and kids not allowed in my room!LOL!

Georgia Saunders said...

Hi Just stopping by from the Blog Stalk. I joined here. It looks interesting. Please join my blog in return. I am a writer.

Jillian Nicole said...

Hi I am a new blogger, and would like to confess that although I am not the one who looses things, I am usually finding the things that the "FARIES" moved for my husband and kids. :)

Please follow me back... thanks.

James Chesley said...

Now I am curious as to how everything got moved, was it really the cat? Keep me posted.

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