Dusting off and Beginning Again!

I'm finally getting around to updating this blog to match my other blog's template design. Also, I have finally created a Facebook Page for Novel Bloggers along with a Blog Frog Community and were listed at Picket Fence Blogs (click the button every day to vote!).
With all the new networking opportunities I hope I can get a few contributors! Fun fun!

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Have you read Jane Austen?

I have never read any of Jane Austen's books *gasp*, Terrible right? Well, in my defense, I was never much of a reader growing up. I was a slow reader in my teens, so that discouraged me. I'm faster now, still no speed reader, and I really have to enjoy the book in order to read it quickly.
For a while now I have been wanting to get into Jane's books and would love to have someone to read them along with me. So, here I am finally updating this blog. Only time will tell if I get any takers.
Read with me and blog with me Here! I dont care if you have already read the book before, as long as you dont spoil the ending for me. :)  I have seen some of the movies that were made from Jane Austen's books.
If you interested in reading/blogging with me click the link above and send me an email!


Dusty and Neglected....

One of these days I will put some more effort into this blog. I still LOVE the idea behind it. Which is to have several contributors to this blog and we all read the same book together at the same time and discuss it here in posts. An Online Blogging Book Club. I have yet to find anyone who wants to contribute, not that I have put any effort into that in a while. If you are interested please let me know via comment or email.