"The Notebook" chapters: A Letter from Yesterday

"A Letter from Yesterday" (pg. 148-152)
NO, how can Allie leave Noah like that. Who cares about Lon, how can she be so undecided. Noah kept writing to her for two and a half years without a reply from her. Which wasn't her fault, her mother kept the letters from her. She thought he never wrote at all. How sad...
Knowing that he kept writing, that he has loved her all these years. That should seal the deal. Allie belongs with Noah. She reads the last letter he wrote and he signed it "I love you, Allie".
She goes to talk to Lon and the chapter ends leaving the reader hanging, not knowing who she chooses, Lon or Noah?

Next chapters: "Winter for Two"
pages 153-214 -the end
THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks

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