Contributor Introduction--Thankful Heart

I was intrigued when Mrs. Marine invited me to Novel Bloggers. Although I have always been an avid reader, I somehow never joined a book club. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

As far as my professional background, I have a bachelor's degree in English and a master's in history. I am currently working as a freelance editor and an online teaching assistant for a university. In addition, I manage two blogs. The first is Caring for Our Blessings, my blog for all things green, frugal, and faithful. I also write book reviews for my other blog, Pitching Pencils.

While most of my book reviews are for books that are religious in nature, my personal preferences in fiction tend to gravitate toward mysteries, science fiction, action, suspense, historical fiction, and drama. I rarely read--and enjoy--romances. After a lifetime of reading, I would be hard pressed to name my favorite book.

Reading with the other contributors should be an interesting experience. I look forward to sharing insights and book recommendations with our readers.



  1. Nice to meet you..... I, too like mysteries, science fiction, suspence and drama. But I do love a good romance, especially when I'm feeling down or after a particularly deep thriller.

  2. I am a book lover too, BTW tnx for leaving a comment on my post, appreciate it very much. following you now...


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