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Quotes from Dhampir's & Vampire's #17

Instead he kissed me.
Time stopped as he reached out and cupped my face between his hands. He brought his mouth down and brushed it against my lips. It was barely a kiss at first but soon increased, becoming heady and deep. When he finally pulled away, it was to kiss my forehead. He left his lips there for several seconds as his arms held me close.

Thoughts of Rose

Vampire Academy
by Richelle Mead


Robyn Burke said...

I'm not into this vampire genre but what a poetic sampling!

aprilraechelle* said...

Hello there! I'm a new follower here, and I'm hoping you'll get the chance to follow me too. I'm a new blogging Mommy, and am looking to learn from and share with as many Mommy's as possible! :D

Name's April, 23, 2 kids, and a hubby- a dog and a cat. I'm about to start working again for the first time in over 2 years, unpaid, but it's going to be awesome. My life is crazy and chaotic, and so is my blog- hope you enjoy!! :)



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