First book discussion post on the 17th:

The first book will be THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks
On Tuesday June 17th I will post my thoughts on the first two chapters (36 pages). I am doing two at once because the first chapter is only 5 pages long, its like an introduction.
Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to comment on my post.

Go get the book and read!
Every Tuesday thereafter I will write a post about the chapter of the week. You can comment whenever you like throughout the week. If you become a frequent commenter I can set you up to write your own posts each week.

Remember if you read ahead please don't spoil anything for the rest of us.
When we finish this book we will choose another one.

Read: The Notebook - Chapters: Miracles & Ghosts (36 pages)

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I found your blog through Entrecard, you dropped a "card" on one of my blogs. I love your idea!

    I have read the Notebook and seen the movie too many times to count. I am always crying by the end, and need quite a few tissues.

    I look forward to visiting your blog and keeping up with the "discussions."


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