"The Notebook" Chapter: Reunion p. 37-56

- This chapter is 42 pages long so I broke it in half. At the bottom of page 56 is a gap in the paragraphs so its a good stopping point. -

How sweet, Noah and Allie lock eyes and neither knows what to say, so unsure around each other.
They are going to drive me nuts. It's obvious they want to be together, otherwise why is she there. She didn't need to tell him she's getting married, especially in person. She just wanted to see him to see if the spark is still there. She is unsure about her engagement. She still loves Noah. He was her first love and he is still in her heart. They both keep staring at each other when the other isn't looking (does that make since?).

Noah thinks of a painting Allie had given him that "hung above the fireplace". Is it still there? If so why didn't Allie notice it when she wandered through the house? Maybe she will see it later.

I am really enjoying this book.

Next pages 57-79 the second half of chapter "Reunion" on Tuesday July 1st.
THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks

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