"The Historian" Chapters 3-5

The diplomat father travels often and takes his daughter with him.
The author descriptively paints a picture of the towns they travel to. Filled with quaint cafes, stone streets and beautiful scenery.

-Rossi said emphatically, "I discovered in Istanbul that Dracula lives among us today. Or did then, at least."
The reader learns the story of Professor Rossi (who also has one of the books). In his early years he is researching the supposed burial place of Vlad Tepes. While pondering over old maps that possibly point to the location of the Unholy Tomb. A strange man burst into the room and informs Rossi that he does not have authority to examine the maps. He confiscates them and leaves, but not before Rossi notices 2 strange puncture wounds on the mans neck...

At the end of chapter 5 a friend of the fathers states:
"Poor Rossi, Tragic, wonderful man. Strange to think anyone one has known personally can just - poof - disappear."
The father has agreed to explain what happened to Rossi starting in chapter 6.

Next chapters: 6 & 7 pages: 43-61
on Thursday Oct 23rd
THE HISTORIAN by Elizabeth Kostova

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