7. Amelia’s Diaries: Crazy Dreams

January 26, 2013

Last night is such a blur, I remember going to work and it got really busy as it typically does on a Saturday night, then it gets fuzzy. You would think I had been drinking but I know I wasn’t, I would never drink at work and I’m not much of a drinker anyway. I must be tired; I have been having some crazy dreams lately. Maybe I should start a dream diary too.

This guy at work keeps flirting with me, his name is James he is totally cute, so I flirt back a little, flirting is fun and harmless. I have no desire to date him, first off we work together and that could get ugly and second, I am not looking to date anyone. Besides, he probably just wants to get in my pants; he doesn’t seem like the commitment type.

~ Amelia

*This is a Fictional story, click Amelia's Diaries to read more about her and read the story from the begining here! Come back each week for a new chapter!

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