1. Amelia’s Diaries: Prologue

It all started simple enough; I would misplace things, forget things, I was tired ALL the time, the nightmares didn’t help. I figured I was just working too hard, I was stressed, or maybe I was coming down with something. I made excuses, until nothing made since anymore…

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in a hotel room and for a brief moment you do not remember where you are? What if that moment didn’t end? It happened to me and the moment became a full blown panic attack.

Yesterday morning I woke up in a hotel room with blood on my shirt, in my hair, under my nails. I have no memory of how I got to the hotel room or where the blood came from. I wasn’t injured, and it didn’t seem to be my blood, but I was alone in the room and there wasn’t blood on anything but me, so whose blood was it?

~ Amelia

*This is a Fictional story, click Amelia's Diaries to read more about her! Come back each week for a new chapter!

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