"The Notebook" Chapter: Reunion p. 57-79

- This is the second half of this chapter. -

Thats so terrible that Allie's mother hid all her letters from Noah. It's unfair. If Allie had gotten the letters she probably would be married to Noah right now and not ingaged to Lon...

Well my question about the painting was answered. Allie didnt notice it when she walked through the house.

These two are going to drive me nuts. When are they going to confess to eachother that they are both still in love with one another. Just kiss already.... There eyes lock and they share a "moment" which is interupted by the kitchen timer.
Allie can be herself with Noah, she can tell him anything. They were friends and lovers. Thats the way a relationship should be. She doesnt have that with Lon.

I enjoy a good love story! Its been a while since I have read one.

Next chapters: "Phone Calls" & "Kayaks and Forgotten Dreams" pages 80-97
on Tuesday July 8th
THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks

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