3. Amelia’s Diaries: Date for V-Day!

February 10, 2008

My classes have been so hectic I haven’t had any time to update… It’s 4 days till Valentine’s Day and I have date!!! I can’t wait! More later!


January 1, 2013
Dear Diary,
I’m not really sure if I can do this again or not, start writing again… It’s been 5 years since I have kept a diary and after everything that has happened I don’t know where to begin. I like to address my entries to “Dear Diary” so I can feel as though I am talking to someone, writing a letter perhaps, to a close friend. Today is my birthday, I am 24. I’m not ready to write down why it’s been so long since I have written, but it is a new year, and with everything happening lately I finally think I need to whether I am really ready or not.

~ Amelia

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