2. Amelia’s Diaries: A Fresh Start

January 1, 2008
Dearest Diary,

Beginning my entries that way seems so ridiculous to me now, but it’s symbolic to me after all these years. I have to at least begin my first entry that way, it is part of the tradition after all; New Year, new diary. Even if last year’s still has room left. I like to start fresh. I was given my first diary on my 12th birthday January 1, 1989. I am 19 today!!! Happy New Year! I am home from college on winter break; I go back in a few days. It is great, I have made a lot of friends, and I may even have a boyfriend!!! I’ll tell you more about that later! For 7 years now I have always kept a diary, documenting my thoughts, my relationships, my fears and my life! Mom’s calling, time for cake!

~ Amelia

*This is a Fictional story, click Amelia's Diaries to read more about her and read the story from the begining here! Come back each week for a new chapter!

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