"The Notebook" chapters: Courtrooms, An Unexpected Visitor, & Crossroads p. 131-147

"Courtrooms" (pg. 131-132)
Uh-O, Lon is has finally put Allie before his job and is now on his way to New Bern......
Hence the next chapter title:

"An Unexpected Visitor" (pg. 133-139)
It gets better, there are two visitors... Read the book and you will know who they are. I liked the first one, making amends for old mistakes.

"Crossroads" (pg. 140-147)
NO, Allie can not go to Lon. Noah is better. She has to realize that she will be happier with Noah. The love with Noah is passion and friendship and he's her soul mate. Yes, maybe she cares for Lon, but its not the same. Allie needs to break it off with Lon and go back to Noah. She needs to follow her heart.

Next chapters: "A Letter from Yesterday" and "Winter for Two"
pages 148-165*

*Winter for Two is the last chapter of the book which is pages 153-214 so I will break it up into about 20 pages at a time with paragraph breaks.
THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks

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