"The Notebook" Chapters: Phone Calls & Kayaks and Forgotten Dreams p. 80-97

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Phone Calls:
Lon has a good memory. Too bad he neglects Allie, maybe if he didn't she could have loved him as much as she loved Noah.... He is beginning to suspect something for sure. The question is, what is he going to do about it, he doesn't want to loose her. But I don't think he ever fully had her to begin with. Allie has never fully given him her heart.

Kayaks and Forgotten Dreams:
I like small towns. Sometimes I think I want to move to a small town again, but a large city has its perks too. New Bern seems so quaint and friendly. Being out on a kayak on the river at sunrise, you couldn't ask for a more beautiful scene.
Good for Allie, she is drawing again. I wonder what the second picture is of? Is it Noah? Maybe.
Allie doesn't want to talk to her fiance, that's not normal. Why didn't she call him when she got in the night before? She cant marry him.

Next chapters: "Moving Water" pages 98-108
on Tuesday July 15th
THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks

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